My Card Statement Manage your credit card accounts online

My Card Statement  Manage your Credit Card Accounts online convenient and secure way

My Card Statement is an online services system for cardholders to check accounts access from anywhere and anytime in an easy, convenient and secure way.

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My card statement is really a tool for the credit cardholders to account management online. It offers account online entry for cardholders; allows you to deal with and spend their credit history card accounts on-line. Using this tool, making sure purchaser entry has never been much easier. To shield your information and facts and privateness, the website is applying improved authentication methods to validate your identity and then you’ll be able to obtain your account information and facts.

My card statement official website

The official website of my card statement is which allows cardholders to obtain, control, and shell out their credit card accounts on the web. With this method, making sure buyer obtain has not been less difficult.

With, you may be demonstrated your existing account summary and statements. It’s also possible to shell out bill on-line and set alerts while you like. You may get an electronic mail message to inform you of an function you may have specified. You could monitor card expenses by developing, viewing, and printing reviews within the Experiences site. Obtaining particular expenses is often a breeze using the Discover Transaction web page.

In addition, the My card statement help the online information First Federal currently provides about your First Federal Visa Credit Card.

Benefit of My Card Statement

  • FREE, safe convenient, and secure online credit card service for First Federal customers
  • Most up-to-date information about First Fed’s Visa Credit Card
  • Current online credit card statement
  • Past and current statements (up to 18 months)
  • able to create transaction and spending reports
  • Create email alerts or notifications about conditions/events on your account
  • Able to download you data into financial software
  • Request reports online, by telephone, or by mail

How to enroll in my card statement

Visit to and enroll by using data about the Primary Cardholder

  • Primary Cardholder is person whose name appears first on your billing statement
  • Primary Cardholder will be asked:
    • credit card number (with no dashes or spaces)
    • name of Primary Cardholder
    • last 4 digits of your home phone number
    • last 4 digits of your social security number
    • first 5 digits of your zip code
    • mother’s maiden name
    • card expiration date (mm/yy; ex. 10/11)
  • Advanced Authentication security feature prompts customer to choose an image,
    caption, and four challenge questions

When you have any problem to obtain your site, you may call 866-572-1637 to receive the website shopper assist. If you’re keeping a card from Farmers State Financial institution, simply call 319-832-1201 to acquire FSB financial institution help. You could find the brand of my card statement about the web page of the financial institution whose credit card you are holding, just click it and access your on the internet statements. Then you definitely will make inquiries and payments on your credit card. You’re going to be asked to enroll in your initial the perfect time to entry.

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